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Small and reach-in closets might seem limiting, but with the right touch, they can be transformed into efficient storage spaces that fit seamlessly into your home.


We understand that a playroom is a sanctuary where creativity blossoms and imagination runs wild, so maintaining an organized and clutter-free space is vital.
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Unique Spaces

We specialize in creating custom-tailored organizational solutions for all the unique spaces in your home. Increase the functionality of your living spaces!
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Custom Closets

With customizable features like shelving, drawers, and hanging rods, functionality is optimized and clutter is eliminated.
Custom office with organization

Custom Offices

By customizing the layout, furniture, and storage options, individuals can design an office that caters to their specific needs and work style.

Laundry Rooms

By customizing the cabinets we create a tailored storage system for laundry essentials such as detergents, cleaning supplies, and linens.
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Mud Rooms

Custom mud rooms can have built-in benches, cubbies, hooks, and shelves, providing designated storage for each family member.
White kitchen pantry cabinets

Kitchen Pantries

Customizable features like shelving, drawers, and dividers, these offer efficient organization for cookware, utensils, and pantry items.
Custom Garage Cabinet and Storage | Instantly Gain Space | Chicagoland

Garage Cabinets

We create garage cabinets and shelving that effectively store tools, equipment, and other items while maximizing available space.
Storage solutions

One call can transform your clutter into a masterpiece of organization and style. Don’t wait, dial now and step into a world where every inch counts and style meets functionality.

Custom Closets

Complete Closet Design

Custom Closets

Many spaces in your home stay at the center of your daily routines, and there is a unique opportunity to transform them into places that inspire and empower you to take on the day. Complete Closet Design specializes in organizing beautiful spaces that go beyond making you more efficient.

A well-designed, organized space eliminates the annoyance that comes with not being able to find something when you need it or accidentally purchasing something you already had. With our organization solutions, you can live and work in an environment that makes your life easier.

Complete Closet Design

Custom Organization & Storage

Complete Closet Design is uniquely able to create and install custom organizational solutions that clients love because our primary source of inspiration is you and your style. From your first conversation with us, our team of trained installers focuses on getting to know you, your goals, and how you want to enjoy your new space.


Complete Closet Design

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Before we begin any project, we provide you with honest pricing and available financing options.

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Product Warranties

We offer a lifetime warranty on all cabinetry, even if it fails during normal use.

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Our team is proud to provide organizational solutions to Chicagoland’s residents and businesses.


Our installers are insured for your peace of mind and handle all items in your home with care.