5 Tips for Getting Your Home Organized This Summer

When you’re facing off against a busy summer schedule packed with kids, cookouts, vacations, and more, the last thing you need to complicate your day-to-day is disorganized clutter.

Getting organized can make a schedule that feels overwhelming suddenly seem so much simpler and cleaner; everything you do will take less time and be less frustrating if everything has its place and you don’t have to spend time hunting and searching.

Today, we’ll talk about five ways you can get your home organized this summer — so you can get back to enjoying the sunshine.


The easiest way to save a substantial amount of time and make a noticeable change through your home’s organization is to think about what you do every day that could be easier, like getting out the door.

Consider custom organization for your mudroom so you and the kids can get in and out of the house cleanly without trekking mud through or having to stop to hunt for missing shoes, keys, or umbrellas.


Closet clutter feels lighter and more manageable in the summertime because you’re sorting through bathing suits and shorts, not sweaters.

Now is the perfect time to revamp your closet so you can quickly grab clothes for a last-minute trip and make transitioning into your fall and winter wardrobe easier. Whether you have a small closet to yourself or a walk-in closet you share, double curtain rods, hooks, shoe storage, and other storage options make it easier to see and use every item you wear.


Making your home feel more organized and pleasant isn’t tackling huge projects. Sometimes, you want to focus on smaller clutter that makes you want to put off chores that could be easy.

Even if you don’t spend a lot of time in the laundry room dealing with gross swimsuits or smelly socks, if it feels disorganized, then it’s worthy of attention.

Create designated drop zones for dirty clothes, install a countertop for easy folding, and ensure detergent, static sheets, bleach, and other tools are visible and accessible with custom shelving.


If you’re working from home or running a small business, you need an organized home office to help you stay productive.

You don’t need to dig through desk drawers or work around piles of documents or electronics when you have custom storage solutions, such as custom credenzas, secure cabinets, and adjustable shelves.

Declutter your office so you can declutter your mind, optimize productivity, and enjoy your evenings, weekends, and vacations.


Not all organization needs to be about streamlining your routines. Sometimes, it’s fun to organize and turn an underused room or corner into a space for entertainment, like a coffee bar, wet bar, entertainment center, or kid’s playroom.

Upgrade from a simple coffee machine tucked under a cabinet to a decked-out coffee bar complete with built-in shelves to showcase cups, coffee beans, syrups, and garnishes. You’ll want to make coffee at home, and you’ll have an excuse to invite your friends and family over for quick visits.


When you’re ready to make your home efficient, effective, and simple, it’s time to start looking into options for custom organization solutions.

The Complete Closet Design team can help you design organizational solutions for your day-to-day, special events, and everything in between so that you can spend more time with family and friends and less time looking for the items you misplaced.

Ready to learn more about custom organization solutions in the Chicagoland area? Contact Complete Closet Design online or call 630-626-8234 today to request a complimentary consultation!