Small Closets | Reach-In Closets in Chicagoland

Small Closets | Reach-In Closets by Complete Closet Design

Are you struggling with a cramped space?

Battling to organize your belongings in limited square footage? We’ve got you covered. Introducing Complete Closet Design’s premium solutions for small closets and reach-in closets, tailored for homes in Shorewood, IL, and the surrounding areas.

Understanding Small and Reach-In Closets

First, let’s delve into what exactly we mean by “small” and “reach-in” closets.

Small Closets: These refer to closets that might be limited in depth or width but are essential storage spaces in many homes, particularly older properties or urban apartments.

Reach-In Closets: A reach-in closet is typically shallow and allows easy access to everything from the outside. They are characterized by sliding doors or bi-fold doors, and while they may lack the depth of walk-in closets, with the right design, they can be incredibly efficient.

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