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Custom Laundry Room Organization in Chicagoland

Your laundry room should be one of the most productive spaces in your Chicagoland home. Unfortunately, disorganization, lack of storage space, and limited work surfaces can lead to clutter and chaos.

Rethink your laundry room strategy with a custom organization system from Complete Closet Design LLC. New countertops, shelving, and built-in hampers will give you everything you need to maximize efficiency and style.

Built-In Hampers

Ease the effort of gathering and sorting your clothes with built-in hampers. Available in numerous sizes and styles, you can use these hampers to separate lights from darks, jeans from delicates, and so on.

The added organization should prevent any mishaps, helping your favorite articles of clothing stay in pristine condition wash after wash.

Financing Available

We offer flexible financing options that meet your needs so that you don’t have to wait to enjoy your newly organized space.

Complete Closet Design

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