Tips For Organizing Your Baby’s Closet

It can be challenging for parents to keep up with organizing their children’s belongings when they quickly outgrow their clothes in a matter of months. A well-designed space can help eliminate the annoyance associated with not being able to find something you quickly need. Complete Closet Design can help transform spaces in your home into areas where everything has a place. Maximize storage and increase your closet’s efficiency with help from our experts.

If you’re not sure how best to arrange your space, don’t worry – we know the right questions to ask and will guide you through the process so that your new area matches your vision and goal. When you choose Complete Closet Design to provide organizational solutions for your space, you can expect:

  • Satisfaction Guaranteed: Our job isn’t complete until you feel 100% satisfied, excited, and inspired by your new space.
  • Upfront Pricing: Before we begin any project, we’ll provide you with honest pricing and available financing options.
  • Trained Installers: Each of our team members has the design expertise and skills to create spaces in your home you’ll love.


For many, it can be stressful trying to organize a big heap of mess without getting overwhelmed. We recommend starting with an empty closet to allow you to construct a layout as you go and vastly decrease the amount of space wasted. Begin by removing all clothes, hampers, cubbies, and hangers from the closet. Now that you have your blank canvas, you can start to organize and filter your baby’s belongings. Out-of-season items should be collected and organized in the closet before commonly used garments to allow easy access to clothes currently in use.


Many parents prefer to organize their baby’s clothes by color or season. While both options are practical and have their benefits, we recommend choosing to sort by category. Placing similar items together will tell you where to quickly grab exactly what you need. Put all of the socks and onesies together; you can keep them near a designated shoe cubby or cabinet for easy access. It can be easy to get drawn into the fun of color-coding clothes, which can be a fun and playful look for your baby’s closet, but items like outerwear and pajamas don’t need to go together. We advise sorting everything by category for functionality and time-saving benefits.


Keep your frequently used items in easy-to-reach locations. Everyday essentials, such as diapers, should be in places that don’t require constant reaching above the head or bending down. Optimizing the areas and locations of your supplies can prevent the need for arching, lifting, and twisting your body, which promotes a healthy back!


The easiest way to increase closet space without compromising functionality is to go vertical. Store small miscellaneous items like hats, accessories, and travel gear on the back of closet doors to free up floor space. Use hanging dividers and see-through organizers to hold baby wipes, diapers, shoes, and travel-sized gear. You can utilize the entirety of the front and back sides of the closet door. The bottom line? Hang whatever you can.


Is there a “best way” to store clothes? Methods differ from person to person, but the objective is always the same. The goal for folding baby clothes is to make each item as compact as possible while maintaining uniform shapes. While folding preferences vary, we would say that the style should match the type of garment. For example, large puffy jackets and other cold weather gear can be rolled into a cylinder by folding the sleeves and tucking. These garments can easily be stacked and stored in above-head storage bins. However, thinner items like shirts should be carefully folded into small squares to prevent wrinkling and reduce the space used.


Looking to upgrade your baby closet’s organization? Complete Closet Design provides organizational solutions and custom designs for closet spaces. We will closely work with you one-on-one to increase storage and efficiency. At Complete Closet Design, we follow a step-by-step process that keeps your project running smoothly.

We begin with a phone consultation to understand your needs, followed by an in-home appointment to view and measure the space. We present renderings and designs for your selection, so you can picture exactly how the finished product will look. Before you know it, you’ll have the perfect closet space you’ve always wanted — guaranteed!

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