Office Accessories

The HandiOFFICE™ accessories are designed to mount directly onto the HandiWALL® panel.

By installing HandiWALL® in the office area and using the new HandiOFFICE™ accessories, you can create a vertical storage system, freeing up work space on your desk!

HandiOFFICE™ accessories are offered in black, clear, or gray.

HSW4000P Black Pencil Cup

HSW1200P Clear Pencil Cup

HSW1260P Gray Pencil Cup

HSW4003P Black Paper Tray

HSW1203P Clear Paper Tray

HSW1263P Gray Paper Tray

HSW4004P Black Accessory Tray

HSW1204P Clear Accessory Tray

HSW1264P Gray Accessory Tray

HSW4005P Black Phone Holder

HSW1205P Clear Phone Holder

HSW1265P Gray Phone Holder

HSW4007P Black Legal/A4 Paper Tray

HSW1207P Clear Legal/A4 Paper Tray

HSW1267P Gray Legal/A4 Paper Tray

HSW4008P Black Folder Sorter Tray

HSW1208P Clear Folder Sorter Tray

HSW1268P Gray Folder Sorter Tray

HSW4009P Black Binder Holder

HSW1209P Clear Binder Holder

HSW1269P Gray Binder Holder