Storage Bins

Organize small parts and hardware to decrease lost inventory and save time. Bins attach securely and remove instantly.

Storbox features a scoopable front and label holders. Popbox lowered front provides easy access to all items. Tilt Popbox design features a bin that is angled at 45 degrees.

Transparent bins provide a complete view of your small items.

HS01-01ABK Black Handi Storbox

HS01-01ACL Clear Handi Storbox

HS01-02ABK Black Handi Storbox

HS01-02ACL Clear Handi Storbox

HS01-030BK Black Handi Storbox

HS01-030CL Clear Handi Storbox

HS01-04CBK Black Handi Storbox

HS01-04CCL Clear Handi Storbox

HS01-210BK Black Handi Popbox

HS01-210CL Clear Handi Popbox

HS01-220BK Black Handi Popbox

HS01-220CL Clear Handi Popbox

HS01-230BK Black Handi Popbox

HS01-230CL Clear Handi Popbox

HS01-240BK Black Handi Popbox

HS01-240CL Clear Handi Popbox

HS01-250BK Black Handi Popbox

HS01-250CL Clear Handi Popbox

HS01-260BK Black Handi Popbox

HS01-260CL Clear Handi Popbox

HSPUB Taupe Plastic Utility Bin

HSPUBG Gray Plastic Utility Bin

HSB09TOB 9 Tilt Bin Storage

HSB06TOB 6 Tilt Bin Storage