5 Reasons Why Epoxy Users Are Switching To Swisstrax Garage Tiles

When it comes to choosing a method to cover your concrete garage floor with a premium surfacing, the most widely known solution is epoxy. Why? Epoxy coatings are durable, attractive, and relatively easy to clean. But are they really the best option for your garage or concrete floor? See why so many people are choosing Swisstrax over epoxy.


As one of the thickest garage floor tiles on the market, Swisstrax tiles are designed to withstand 60,000 lbs rollover weight to accommodate even the largest vehicles. They are used extensively in professional garages, detailing shops, and other high-traffic environments.

Swisstrax tiles help combat some of the common issues often faced by epoxy coatings including resistance to road salts, hot-tire pick up issues, slip-resistance, and scuffing.


Swisstrax garage tiles are easy and inexpensive to maintain. They are built to last a lifetime and are backed by a limited lifetime warranty. Unlike epoxy coated floors Swisstrax tiles don’t peel, chip or fade. If you damage a tile or want to change up a design, Swisstrax interlocking design allows you to easily swap and replace tiles.


Thanks to the durability and longevity of Swisstrax tile, its lifetime cost is typically significantly lower than epoxy flooring. Compared to epoxy garage floors, Swisstrax tile floors don’t need to be refinished every few years.

Even better – you can take your investment with you if you move to a new home.

Installation & Maintenance

Swisstrax tiles install in hours, not days, in any weather conditions. They don’t require any hazardous chemicals or specialized equipment, and you can drive on Swisstrax floors immediately after installation.

Once installed, the Swisstrax perforated tile channels all liquids and debris out through your garage opening so your floors stay cleaner and dryer. When it’s time for a periodic cleaning, the highly engineered channeling system makes clean up a breeze. Learn how to clean Swisstrax systems.